How does Swipii work for my business?

Do you have a loyalty program already? If so, you'll know the benefit of offering some form of reward for being a regular customer. If your business doesn't have a loyalty program in place then you may be wondering how to get new customers through the door.

Swipii can do both.

We have loyal Swipii users who have linked their preferred credit or debit card to the app. Then, all they do is spend with this card in your store and we will sort them out with points on the app. Once they've earned enough points, they'll be able to redeem a reward- a reward which you get to choose and set up yourself.

You'll have access to tonnes of data on customer behaviour and your revenue, which you'll be able to access via the Swipii for Business dashboard.

It's hard to cram everything about Swipii for Business in one section so here are some resources:

Sign up for our free loyalty program online:

Swipii for Business dashboard blog post:

For businesses with a stamp/hole punch loyalty card:

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