How do I activate and redeem a reward?

Once you've collected enough points in your favourite Swipii businesses, you'll be able to activate these rewards by clicking the orange button that appears in each business profile (these buttons will be faded and not clickable if you haven't earned enough points yet).

We'll double check with you that you're sure about this, as you'll only have a short amount of time (10 minutes) to use the activated reward. Once the reward is activated just show it to the staff in the Swipii location and they'll sort you out!

Remember, once you activate a reward you will have 10 minutes to redeem in store before it expires, so we recommend waiting until you get to the till! You'll need data or WiFi connection to access the reward at this point!

If you choose to redeem your points in the form of cashback (only available at participating locations), there are no time limits or a need to show the app to staff!

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