How do I link my credit/debit card?

It's super easy!

When you download the app, one of the first steps can take is linking your card - which is necessary in order to earn cashback with Swipii.

All you need to do is enter the 16 digit card number (so we know which card will be used to collect cashback in Swipii participating locations, the expiry date (so we know your card is actually valid). We don't ask for your 3-digit security number, so it's a super simple and secure process. If you fancy, you can scan your card in by clicking the little camera icon.

We won't store your card details either, all your details are encrypted as soon as you sign up and replaced with an ID number which is meaningless out of context, even to us. We keep a hold of the last 4 digits of your card (to display your card correctly in the app) and your expiry date (so we can remind you when your card has expired).

Once you've linked your card, you'll be able to start earning cashback at loads of businesses!

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