How do I link my credit/debit card?

It's super easy!

When you download the app, one of the first steps can take is linking your card- which is necessary in order to earn points and rewards with Swipii.

All you need to do is enter the 16 digit card number (so we can match up your points with our Swipii businesses), and the expiry date (so we know your card is actually valid). We don't ask for your 3-digit security number, so it's a super simple and secure process. We won't store your card details either, all your deetz are encrypted as soon as you sign up and replaced with an ID number which we use to allocate points.

We'll only ever ask for other details if you choose to redeem rewards in the form of cashback.

Once you've linked your card, you'll have full access to loads of Swipii businesses in your area. If you need a hand linking your card, just drop us a line at!

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