How do I set up my first extra cashback offer?

Setting up your first extra cashback offer is super simple, you might even want to set it up in your first sign up call!

When you first sign up to Swipii, you'll choose a small cashback incentive that your customers will earn on every purchase they make with your business, if they have the Swipii app. This is usually between 1% and 5%.

You can additionally set up extra cashback offers to get customers coming back at times that suit you! You can make this cashback percentage anything you like. Current extra cashback offers range between 15% and 30% but it's totally up to you!

Your contact at Swipii will talk you through your options and give recommendations of the offers we think will work best for you and your business. You don't need to set up the extra cashback offers straight away! You can start small with the 1-5% and add other offers on a later date.

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