Can I link my American Express card?

For now, we don't support American Express cards within the Swipii app.

We tried it for a short while, but as of 31st May 2019, we decided to turn this off so that we can focus our efforts on improving your experience for Visa and Mastercard.

This won’t be forever. We’ll be re-enabling Amex on the Swipii app in the future, for now, there aren’t many Swipii businesses who accept Amex so we’ll turn this back on when Amex demand increases!

Of course, if you’ve collected any points with your Amex card, they’ll still be available in your account! To keep collecting points and redeeming awesome rewards, you can link any Mastercard or Visa.

Questions? Our fabulous Customer Success team will be able to help you out via ☺️

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