What do the terms Pending, Available and Total Earned Cashback mean?

So you've earned some cashback, awesome!

You may have noticed that we popped that cashback into your Swipii Wallet as Pending Cashback.

Your cash will be in this bit of the Wallet until the business you shopped with has sent us the cashback to pass on to you. This can take up to 30 days but our Finance team are going all Bruce Almighty to make this faster for you:

When the business sends us your cashback we'll pop it into your Available Cashback - ready to redeem!

In your Wallet, you'll also see a section for Total Earned Cashback. This is the sum of all the cashback you've ever earned with Swipii. It will include any cashback you have withdrawn, cashback you have Pending, and cashback you have Available.

Then you just follow the usual withdrawal process. Yay!

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