What are the benefits of joining Swipii for Business?

There are SO many benefits to joining the Swipii revolution and providing a loyalty program for your customers:

  • Our 1-reward loyalty program, called the Basic Package, is free! You can easily sign up online HERE.
  • With the Swipii loyalty program, your staff don't need to learn anything new. With our powerful card linking technology your customers literally just pay with a linked card and we'll allocate their points.
  • You can completely personalise your loyalty program to whatever you like, from what your rewards are to what your customers need to spend to get them.
  • You'll get an in-app listing in the Swipii app, putting your rewards, location and brand in front of thousands of Swipii users.
  • Our detailed Swipii for Business dashboard will give you tonnes of info on your customers' habits and spend. This will allow you to adapt your marketing, change your rewards and learn more about your own business.
  • We'll give you a whole load of in-store marketing material to help your business stand out to the loyal Swipii users in your area.
  • Our Customer Success team are friendly, efficient and incredibly knowledgeable. You can contact them at hello@swipiicard.com and get answers to your queries quickly.
  • There are more, but we don't want to write an essay! You can book a demo of our Swipii for Business product to learn more, or chat to us here.

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