Do my staff need to do anything?

As with any business, your staff are one of the main voices of your business! The easiest way to increase your marketing pool and retention is through your staff hyping up Swipii to customers who visit your business.

We wanted to make sure staff feel rewarded and passionate about helping to grow your business, so we’ve put together staff incentives, from Swipii, to make sure everyone wins.

Our staff incentives work in exactly the same way as our referral programme. Each of your staff members will be able to create a Swipii account in the app, where they’ll find their unique promo code. When they share this promo code with customers, they’ll get £5 bonus cashback. When the customer signs up to Swipii and makes their first purchase in your business, they’ll also get a £5 signing-up bonus. Swipii will cover all of this bonus cashback. Think of it as extra tips, on us!

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